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Is It Worth It To Hire Movers?
Moving is physically and mentally exhausting, and many people prefer to hire professionals to carry heavy boxes, move furniture, or even pack your belongings for you. However, these services can range from $300 to $3,500, so it may be best to consider your personal budget and physical abilities before hiring professional movers.
If you have large household items that need to be carefully carried, professional movers have the ability, tools, and training to safely move your items, and they also carry insurance that can protect you from any accidental losses. A team of movers also helps you move quickly and efficiently.
It’s important to do some research and receive multiple different estimates, and to reduce costs, you can pack your items yourself or only have movers take the heavy, bulky items. Watch out for companies that require large deposits or provide low bids, and if doing it yourself, you'll need to consider the cost of boxes and truck rentals.