Kitchen with laminate flooring and wood cabinets
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Is Laminate Flooring The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?
Laminate flooring isn’t ideal for every kitchen, and if you’re after a high-end, long-lasting look, it might not be the best choice, especially if you plan to sell your home soon.
A big appeal of laminate flooring is that it’s inexpensive, ranging from $0.79 to $3 per square foot. The price tag and easy installation make laminate appealing for DIY projects.
Laminate flooring comes in various designs and is easy to clean with soap and water, but choosing scratch-, water-, and stain-resistant options is vital to maintain its appearance.
Good-quality laminate floors are durable, especially with proper maintenance. Pets, kids, and heavy foot traffic shouldn't be an issue, but constant moisture can be
a problem.
Laminate floors, especially in kitchens, are vulnerable to damage from standing water, leading to warping and potential rotting of their composite wood interior.
Additionally, laminate floors cannot be refinished or repaired like hardwood or tile, and their perceived low quality may make it harder to sell a home.