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Is MrCool DIY Mini-Split Worth The Price? TikTok Settles The Debate
If you’re an experienced DIYer, not only has MrCool made it easier to install its DIY mini-split AC unit, but handling the installation yourself will definitely save you money.
Single-zone MrCool units usually cost $301.50 to $636.53 more than competitors, depending on BTU rating and other factors, and $1,021.24 to $1,146.61 more for multi-zone systems.
Labor to install a single-zone mini-split air conditioner costs from $300 to $1500 and $1,500 to $5,000 or more for multi-zone units, so you save a lot by DIYing the bigger units.
TikTok was impressed with HVAC pro @diyhvacguy’s newly installed MrCool DIY mini-split system, and in his YouTube video, he provides a full demonstration on how to install one.
The DIY pro had issues with the mounting template and seemed to find it unfortunate that MrCool missed the opportunity to color-code wires in the condensing unit's terminal block.
On the other hand, MrCool added corrugated sleeves and a spiral elbow to help avoid putting kinks in the lineset, and its quick-connect system uses a wrench instead of pro tools.
While a MrCool mini-split installation is beyond the skills, knowledge, and tools of the average homeowner, an experienced DIYer using @diyhvacguy's video guide will manage easily.