Hands pressing a black rubber thermal seal to a window
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Is Repairing Your Window's Thermal Seal Worth The Cost?
A window’s thermal seal is the rubbery material that runs along the edges of it, preventing air from moving through the panes. It can often be replaced between $40 and $120.
The cost of the thermal seal repair may vary based on your location, the number of windows, and how handy with tools you are. Replacing the window may be more cost-effective.
It’s worth it to not ignore the problem. Fixing it reduces the risk of having problems with mold and mildew and can also improve overall energy efficiency, lowering energy costs.
The cost of repairing the window thermal seal often comes down to several factors. The cost of the sealant itself ranges from $15 to $17.
The sealant is a caulking material designed to seal the window’s thermal seal. It’s the least expensive option, as it takes just a bead of caulk without removing the entire window.
However, true thermal seal replacement requires the removal of the glass panes as well as the devices called spacers that hold them into place in the window frame.
True thermal seal replacement may require hiring a professional, which may cost between $75 and $175, depending on the size of the project.
If there’s a thermal seal warranty, it may cover the cost of making repairs due to a faulty or failed thermal window seal. Check the warranty or call the manufacturer to know more.
If the windows are older and numerous thermal seals are broken, it may be better to replace them all instead, especially if they are not double- or triple-pane windows.
Consider the cost to replace a window or the whole home's windows by also factoring in the value and efficiency they may add to the home.