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Is There A Difference Between Quartz And Quartzite Countertops?
Although quartz and quartzite have similar sounding names, these distinctive countertop materials are manufactured using decidedly different processes.
According to MSI, quartz is a composite of 90% pulverized quartz mixed with resins and coloring. The artificially added patterns help this material to look more like natural stone.
These countertops are water-resistant, so you don’t have to seal them. They’re also easy to care for and are much more resistant to scratches and stains than marble or granite.
In contrast, quartzite countertops aren’t made of quartz at all. Quartzite is actually made from natural sandstone that has been gradually hardened by heat and pressure.
Quartzite is very similar to quartz on Mohs' Hardness Scale, so it is comparably durable. The patterns on the surface of quartzite are similar to those associated with marble.
These countertops will need to be sealed occasionally to thwart water damage and stains. Quartzite is also a porous natural stone, making it more challenging to install.
Quartzite countertops are pricier but worthwhile if you prefer the look of true natural stone. Quartz, however, is the way to go if you prefer a more affordable and durable option.