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Jasmine Roth's DIY Tips To Hide Flaws In
Your House
If you’re tired of those unwanted imperfections in your house, HGTV's home renovation sweetheart, Jasmine Roth, knows how to transform unappealing design flaws into something immaculate. With shows like "Help! I Wrecked My House" and "Hidden Potential," Roth specializes in bringing out the best in a home.
Bold new colors can make pieces look brand new without having to break the budget, and simply adding a fresh coat of paint to walls and furniture can make a huge difference. For example, white walls can brighten an entire room, while a pop of color can really enhance old pieces of furniture.
Another great strategy is to maximize the kitchen space without remodeling it. White paint can brighten up the kitchen, especially when balanced with bold décor and furniture. You can also incorporate an old-world feel with a custom counter and shelves that add some vintage charm and character.