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Jenn Todryk's Best Tip To Save Time And Money On Paint
According to HGTV’s Jenn Todryk, sampling is key when trying to pick out the perfect shade of paint. A color may look amazing on a show, but, in person, may look quite different.
Todryk points out that paint colors can be altered by "natural light, other colors bouncing off of the paint in each room and color editing [...] while editing a television show."
Lighting changes throughout the day, and colors may become miserable or feature unpleasant undertones in artificial lighting, so use multiple samples in different areas to observe.
Check lighting sources in a room, as a color seen in warm light may look cozy but appear slightly off in cool or brighter lighting. Neutrals, in particular, are affected by this.
Give your paint sample time to settle before deciding, as paint can change as it dries. Find the patience to let the sample sit for at least two hours to see how a color settles.
Finally, Todryk warns that you can never tell the true shade of a color when looking at it on a screen. Take the time to order a sample, or go to the store to see it in person.