Woman holding paint brush and painting kitchen cabinets
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Jenn Todryk's Budget-Friendly Tips For Updating Old Cabinets
Cabinets greatly impact a kitchen’s look, but they're costly to change. Luckily, HGTV star Jenn Todryk has a tip for updating outdated cabinets on a budget — paint them yourself.
Before you begin to paint your cabinets, scrub them down and wipe up dirt and dust. Then, sand both sides with a sander and apply your primer.
When your primer has set and dried, use a small rolling brush to apply at least two coats of paint. On average, it takes about a week to paint your kitchen cabinetry.
Start by painting the back side of your cabinets first. This helps to get a picture-perfect finish on the front side since it won't have the chance of getting scraped.
If you need to switch out your cabinet completely due to cracks or other issues, Todryk says to save money by looking for unfinished options you can finish yourself.