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Jillian Harris' Best Ideas For Designing The Home Of
Your Dreams
Jillian Harris, founder and creative director of Jillian Harris Design, has a knack for interior design and classic and feminine aesthetics. Harris has provided tips on lighting, colors, and which furniture to purchase to complete the interior design of your dream home.
Harris says that lighting has the ability to alter the overall feeling of any room, as it comes in different styles, colors, and shapes to adapt to different design themes. She adds that finding the perfect light for a space can be stressful and time-consuming, but it will have a great impact.
Harris provided tips on how to choose a couch for any room in your house, saying a neutral color works best, as it's able to be stylish for a long time. For those who are thinking of purchasing a colorful couch, Harris instead advises adding a colorful throw blanket or pillows for an easy splash of color.
Harris believes in the impact of adding accent colors, like black kitchens contrasted with white marble, or dark marble contrasted with wood countertops. She also believes in the power of small accents, like plants, pottery, and bookends, but she advises against overdoing this and making the room look disorganized.