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Joanna Gaines' Best Tip For Making A Small Space Seem Bigger
While adding light to a room is a great way to brighten it up and create the illusion of space, it can be hard to fit a standing or table lamp into a cramped space. Instead, opt for wall and/or hanging lights, such as pendant lights, which work in rooms with at least 9-foot ceilings.
Wall lights are a better option for shorter ceilings, but they also work alongside pendant lights, and they can be installed above your nightstand to mimic the function of a bedside lamp. Install the lights with an adjustable arm to be able to manipulate the light for your needs.
Adding either type of light, or even both, will free up space in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere you can ditch a lamp and add in a light installation. As Joanna Gaines says, "Light makes things feel bigger," so get some wall or pendant lamps, and light it up.