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Joanna Gaines Keeps This Unique Philodendron Above Her Fireplace
In an Instagram reel, Joanna Gaines showed off the abundance of eye-catching plants in her living room, including a red congo philodendron perched atop her fireplace mantel.
This tropical plant with heart-shaped leaves and a red tinge gives a splash of greenery above her brick fireplace, where it accompanies a carved gold mirror and a glowing candle.
The red congo philodendron is a hybrid of the imperial red philodendron that gives it its crimson coloring and the philodendron tatei that gives it its large and pointed leaves.
Unlike many members of the philodendron family, the red congo boasts a single stalk and does not require climbing or guiding apparatuses. However, it can grow to be 3 feet tall.
The red congo philodendron’s leaves are large and dark green, while its stalk and new growth are a vibrant red. This plant provides a pop of color on a fireplace mantel.
Unlike many other drought-friendly philodendron varieties, the red congo needs to be watered about once a week or whenever the soil is dry about 2 inches below the surface.