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Joanna Gaines Reveals The Kitchen Design She'll Never Approve Of
When Joanna Gaines renovated an outdated 80s-style farmhouse in Season 5, Episode 11 of "Fixer Upper," the carpet in the kitchen was the first thing to go.
Kitchens are high-traffic zones that are prone to spills, moisture, and messes. Apart from being an outdated design choice, carpet harbors mold, bacteria, and odor.
Gaines tends to use hardwood flooring for most kitchens, but she does recommend adding a durable rug for further warmth, style, and character.
"You'll want to stick to a rug that has a pile height of one-quarter inch or shorter and has a pretty smooth surface that won't snag or pull," Gaines says in her blog.
Gaines also suggests "avoiding rugs with primarily light colors" in busy places like the kitchen, where she believes ease of cleaning should be the top priority.