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Keep Ants
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Your House
With This
Cinnamon Hack
Cinnamon has gained popularity
as a natural ant repellent because
it contains cinnamaldehyde, which can efficiently scare away and even kill ants.
There are two common forms of cinnamon that can be used as ant repellents: ground cinnamon and cinnamon oil. Ground cinnamon can be simply sprinkled in areas to deter ants.
Cinnamon oil can be mixed with cold water, or boiled water, to create a homemade ant spray. Alternatively, you can put some oil on a cotton ball.
To prevent ants from barging into your home, first locate where they're entering. Clean the area with an eco-friendly ant spray, and then apply the cinnamon in their entryway.
If used consistently and strategically in areas where a little mess won't be an issue, cinnamon can be a valuable tool in managing ant problems.