Fish pond next to seating area
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Keep Birds Away From Your Fish Pond With These Tips
If you've put work into creating a fish pond, it's worth investing in a few well-selected strategies to minimize the risk of birds stealing your fish.
One of the most direct methods for protecting a pond from birds is to use a physical barrier. Netting is a typical solution for this because it will easily blend into the water.
You can also place a small dock, perhaps a canopy, or even a gazebo-like structure over some of the pond for some level of protection from birds and other predators.
Creating a hiding place for the fish, such as a rock structure that overhangs the edges of the pond, can also help. A fishing tunnel and cave can also add dramatic visual elements.
A more creative way to deter birds from your fish pond is decoys. A big, ominous-looking owl statue next to the pond may deter smaller birds from approaching that area.
Plants can also be a viable solution for deterring birds
if you select those that complement the fish. A water lily, for example, creates a nice floating hideaway.
Finally, consider the value of repellents or any type
of device or solution that makes birds think twice. A motion-activated sprinkler system is a solid option.