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Keep Boxelder Bugs Out Of Your Home With These Entomology Expert Tips
Boxelder bugs, identified by their black and red coloration, are common in the home. We interviewed entomologist Emma Grace Crumbley at Mosquito Squad to learn more.
While boxelder bugs don't feed on wood and won't cause home damage, their feces can stain surfaces. They are usually on your house's exterior walls or the sidewalk in the shade.
According to Crumbley, boxelder bugs "will leave a decent size mark if you try to squish them, and when threatened, [they] emit a strong (and stinky) odor to deter predators."
To get rid of them, Crumbley says, "Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up boxelder bugs is a quick and clean method to remove large numbers of them from your home."
She also says that insect repellants help, but to truly eliminate these pests, you need to take long-term preventive measures.
First, seal off all possible entry points into your home and check your house's foundation for any openings to help deter all pests, not just boxelder bugs.
As boxelder bugs can fly and travel a few miles, Crumbley says that "removing boxelder trees and other host plants is less effective at preventing [them] from being present."
"Small changes to your house and lawn can make a huge difference in the amount of pests you see," she says. However, if nothing works, call a professional.