A jar of Q-tips and a jar of cotton balls on a shelf
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Keep Bugs Away While Outside With This Cotton Ball Hack
Adding a few essential ingredients to some cotton balls and leaving them in plain sight will help you repel bugs while you’re outside.
The ingredients you need for the cotton balls are sugar, borax, and water. Whisk up a small amount of the mixture and dip your cotton balls into the concoction.
Use the cotton balls near your picnic to repel insects away from your space. Avoid getting the mixture near your food so that you don't ingest the mixture yourself.
This hack is highly effective because the borax is masked by the smell of sugar to attract insects and then kills bugs that come across it since the borax
is toxic to their bodies.
However, there is another potent cotton ball hack that isn’t as lethal. You can try soaking your cotton balls in peppermint oil, which is a more insect-friendly option.