Yellow daffodil blooms
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Keep Daffodil Blooms Happy All Season With This Smart Gardening Tip
The best way to keep your daffodil blooms happy throughout the spring is by adding some stakes to your garden to prevent your daffodils from drooping and potentially dying.
Placing a stake along a group of daffodils can help to keep the stems upright — for example, short ring stakes are good to use because they bend easily and offer some flexibility.
A pruned stem from an apple tree, pear tree, or another fruit tree would also work well for this purpose. Keep the stake stable by placing one end into the soil.
As an alternative, you can create a boundary around daffodils by wrapping bamboo stakes with twine. Place them around bloom groups that are bending to provide extra support.
It's best to place stakes before you notice issues. Placing them after your daffodils have begun to droop and trying to get the flowers upright again can be tricky.