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Keep Flies
Out Of Your
Home With This Clever Plastic Bag Hack
If you've ever found yourself searching high and low for a way to keep flies from coming inside of your house, the answer may lie in a surprising household item — a plastic bag.
By filling a plastic bag, such as a Ziploc, with water and then adding coins to it, TikTok user @miseenplace_au was able to keep these obnoxious flies away from her home.
Simply fill a bag halfway with water and add several coins of your choice — even pennies work. Then, use a piece of string to hang the bag on your doors or windows.
The reflection of the coins in the water will confuse the flies. As the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation explains, their eyes aren't made to pivot or sync on one item.
Instead, the flies focus on light, so the effect that the water and coins create will ultimately throw the flies
off because they can't comprehend it or focus on it.
This plastic bag hack will stop them from landing in your home since they will be highly confused and instead opt for someplace less stressful or stimulating.