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Keep Geese Far Away From Your Yard With Kool-Aid
While using Kool-Aid to keep geese away from your yard might seem strange, these waterfowl actually have an aversion to the drink mix’s specific scent and taste.
Unlike other methods, which may cause harm or distress to the animals, this tactic relies on their natural taste preferences and sensory perceptions to redirect their behaviors.
To use this method, prepare the repellent solution by dissolving five packets of unsweetened grape Kool-Aid in 1 gallon of water.
Then, put the mixture into a spray bottle and liberally spray the grape Kool-Aid solution in the areas where geese activity is the highest.
This deterrent isn’t a one-time application. Depending on environmental factors, notably rain or heavy watering, the solution can wash away and must be reapplied.
While geese dislike the methyl anthranilate compound in Kool-Aid’s grape flavoring, they may eventually acclimate to the repellent, so you may need to use other control methods.