Hummingbird perched on feeder
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Keep Hummingbirds Safe From Harm In Your Garden With These Tricks
Praying Mantises
These insects grab onto hummingbirds and suck the nectar out of them. Remove any mantises from your feeder and move the feeder away from trees where predators hide.
Large dragonflies that are similar in size to hummingbirds sometimes prey on them. Move your feeder away from trees so dragonflies can’t creep up on your hummingbirds.
While frogs eat hummingbirds, you still want them in your garden. Instead, protect the hummingbirds by keeping feeders far from branches or gutters so frogs can’t reach them.
Hummingbirds use spider web strands for their nests and can be preyed on if they get trapped in the web. Remove any spider webs you find anywhere near your bird feeders.
Hummingbirds and their young are eaten by birds like great roadrunners, merlins, and Mississippi kites, so attract birds like the red-tailed hawk to keep them in check.