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Keep Indoor Plants Alive While You're On Vacation With This String Hack
Vacation should be a worry-free break from your day-to-day, so try this stress-free hack to ensure your plants continue to thrive while you’re gone.
To keep your plants alive, create a self-watering system with a wick strung from a water jug to the pot. The water will travel along the wick from the jar to the plant.
The plants will then be able to use all the water they need, and the water will continue replenishing from the jar via the wick whether you’re on vacation or not.
To make the system, cut enough cotton string to run from the bottom of your jar to your plant pot. Tie a paperclip on one end of your string to weigh the string down in the water.
Insert the other end of the string into a hole about one or two inches deep in the soil of your plant before backfilling to keep it in place.
The crucial aspect is that the string must run in a straight slope from the water to the plant, with no bends or dips, so that the water can
easily travel to the plant.