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Keep Leftover Paint In Tip-Top Shape With This Handy Kitchen Staple
Aluminum foil can come in handy when you’re painting. In fact, you can use a piece of aluminum foil to preserve your leftover paint and
keep it fresh and smooth.
If a layer of thickened paint forms on top of a paint can, it can be hard to remove and get to the paint below. Leftover pieces chunk off into your paint, creating
an uneven coat.
Placing foil on top of your paint can before securely closing the can will help prevent the paint from oxidizing and forming a layer of skin, keeping your paint in top condition.
Place a piece of aluminum foil down on a flat surface and place your paint can over it. Trace around the bottom of the can so you have a circle embedded into the foil.
Cut this circle out and place it in your opened can so the foil circle sits on top of the paint’s surface. Blow into the can to replace the oxygen in the can with carbon dioxide.
Oxygen aids the formation of skin, so taking the extra step to displace some of the oxygen can help your paint stay fresh longer. Immediately place the
lid back on your can.
Store the paint can upside down to prevent a skin from forming on top of the paint can. When you’re ready to use the paint again, pop the lid off of the can and remove the foil.