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Keep Moles Out Of Your Garden With This Simple Clock Hack
A TikTok hack shared by @hyper_kelz highlights an interesting yet simple way that you could deter garden moles, which are sensitive to sonic stimuli, using an alarm clock.
In their TikTok video, @hyper_kelz takes a small, battery-powered alarm clock and sets the device so it rings several times during the day.
Use multiple alarm clocks and tactically place them around the garden. Dig holes in or close to the mole hole so the sound is likely to be heard by the moles, then bury the clocks.
Make sure you can remember where you've placed the clocks since you'll need to dig them back up. A good tip is to mark the holes you make with sticks poking out of the ground.
@scotts_lawn on TikTok says to assess the technique by “[stepping] down on the active tunnels,” then going back and noting which ones have risen up again after being flattened.
Stepping on active tunnels should help you detect any mole activity still occurring. If there are still active moles in your garden, try planting clocks closer to the tunnels.