A woman spraying mosquito repellent on her skin
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Keep Mosquitos Far Away With This Fall-Favorite Spice
Citronella might be a popular choice to repel mosquitoes, but fall-favorite spices — cinnamon and clove — are equally effective at deterring these pesky insects.
Clove oil can keep mosquitos at bay for up to four hours, while cinnamon oil serves the dual purpose of repelling adult mosquitoes and killing their eggs.
For added protection, you can combine these two spices. To make your own mosquito repellent, you don’t need the essential oils; the powdered versions you have at home will suffice.
Mix one or two spoonfuls each of cinnamon and clove powder in a mason jar, along with a little rubbing alcohol. Cover the jar and allow the mixture to sit overnight.
The next day, filter out the sediment using a paper coffee filter and funnel. Then, transfer the clear liquid into a spray bottle and add some olive oil or another carrier oil.
Shake the mixture well before using. You can spray it on exposed skin to keep mosquitoes at bay for a few hours or around outdoor areas of your home to prevent them from gathering.