Wasps on a table
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Keep Pesky Wasps Away With A Mix Of A Few Kitchen Ingredients
For your DIY anti-wasp blend, gather wasp-deterring ingredients, such as peppermint, coffee grounds, spearmint, basil, and lemongrass, though you can add as many as you like.
Blend all the ingredients and add them to the area you want to ward wasps away from, such as a garden table, grass, or in the middle of a group if you're sitting outside.
Alternatively, you could burn the ingredients fresh. However, ensure that the ingredients can be burned and that it can be done safely.
You can also alternate through different blends to test what works best. For example, mix fresh peppermint and mint and tie them in a bundle, such as in a small cloth or mesh bag.
This DIY blend can effectively combat the issue because wasps are naturally repelled by these aromatic plants, as explained by
pest control expert Walter Murphy to HuffPost.