Peppermint herb leaves and essential oil bottle on rustic wood
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Keep Pests Out Of The Garden With This Fragrant Herb
Known for its robust fragrance, mint serves as a powerful natural deterrent against common garden pests, such as deer, flea beetles, and ants.
This repellent effect can be attributed to the presence of menthol and pulegone in mint. These chemical compounds effectively discourage pests, driving them to seek food elsewhere.
If your garden is already battling pest invasions, it's better to purchase mature mint plants — such as peppermint, spearmint, or chocolate mint — rather than starting from seeds.
Mint grows and spreads quickly, so if you're short on space, it's advisable to plant it in pest-prone areas or along the garden's edge to shield other plants.
Alternatively, potting mint in terra cotta containers and placing these containers throughout the garden allows the herb to flourish while warding off pests.
For those unable to dedicate any garden space to mint, placing fresh mint sprigs around the garden or near vulnerable plants can provide a temporary yet helpful solution.