Striped patio canopy
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Keep Rainwater Off Your Patio Canopy With This Pool Noodle Hack
You can prevent rainwater from collecting on your outdoor canopy by placing a pool noodle in its corners to fortify its roof for a simple and cost-effective solution.
Water collected on the canopy's surface can create a sag, damaging the structure or even ripping the fabric. Water can also start seeping right through the top or over the side.
Pool noodles can be inserted into the tent's corners to create an arch that pushes up on the canopy's fabric and allows rainwater to run off.
Simply wedge a pool noodle over two poles under the material and create a "U" shape so that the arch of the buoyant tube is parallel to the corner where the poles meet.
The arch shape fortifies the area on the canopy's roof, where rain would've otherwise caused sagging or puddling, allowing the tent to keep its shape and fight off bad weather.
Finally, you can use zip ties to secure your pool noodle cylinders if necessary and match the color of your noodle to your fabric to disguise it.