A snail on hosta leaves which have been previously damaged by snail/slug attack
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Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden With This Easy Beer Trap
To control slugs, strategically place shallow containers, like empty yogurt cups, filled with beer around your garden to create traps that divert the slugs away from plants.
The pests venture into the beer-filled traps and die by drowning, leaving the garden safe. This hack is accessible, effective, non-toxic, environment-friendly, and cost-effective.
You can also use a plastic bowl with a lid, but cut holes in the side for the pests to enter. The lid can stop water from collecting in the bowl and keep other animals off it.
Choose an inexpensive lager beer, as slugs are attracted to it, and identify areas in your garden prone to slugs, such as damp, shady spots, or plants they have already damaged.
Dig small holes to place the trap to ensure it doesn't tip over, and it's easy for slugs to crawl inside. If using lidded containers, ensure the hole in the side is above ground.
Now, fill the container with 2 or 3 inches of beer. Check the traps regularly and remove captured slugs. Refill the container with fresh beer regularly to keep the trap effective.