Close-up of snake in a garden
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Keep Snakes Away Naturally With A Plant They Can't Stand
While many snakes are harmless to humans, there are concrete reasons to keep these pests away from your garden. Plant lemongrass to naturally repel snakes from your yard.
Venomous varieties pose an obvious threat, but even non-venomous snakes can eat beneficial species like earthworms and toads that you'd like to keep around in your garden.
Lemongrass has citronella, a repellent with a strong scent that can overpower a snake’s sense of smell. The plant’s tightly spaced and sharp-edged leaves act as a physical barrier.
Plant it around the perimeter of your yard, home, or any other place you’d like to deter snakes from. Use loamy soil with high organic content and space plants out 2 feet apart.
This cold-intolerant perennial can be grown as an annual plant. Remove 6 inches of the plant, repot the cuttings, and keep indoors until spring to replace your outdoor plants.