Hardwood floor in a bedroom
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Keep These Facts In Mind Before Installing Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors can be much more expensive than other options, ranging from $6 to $40 per square foot. You can minimize costs by installing the flooring yourself.
Best Finish
The type of finish you will choose also makes a difference. A sheen finish will protect against scratches, while distressed and stained floors provide a rustic look.
Avoid Pests
Termites and carpenter bees also love hardwood floors. Seal holes during installation and keep moisture levels down to prevent an infestation.
Using eco-friendly and sustainably sourced woods like Pine, Douglas fir, or Oak will lessen the need for replacements and reduce the harmful environmental effects.
Choosing hardwood may not be the right choice if you’re living in a climate with high humidity as wood’s porous nature may give your floors a much shorter life span.
Alternatively, use engineered hardwood or hardwood-looking tile flooring. Since it does not expand or contract, it will hold up better in humidity.