A tiled wall.
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Keep These Tips In Mind Before Removing Tile Grout Yourself
Use A Reciprocating Saw
If you're not removing grout from delicate tile or tight spaces, use a reciprocating saw with a grout-removing tool attached to it to protect the tile’s edges as you work.
Saw at a downward angle away from you, moving slowly between the tiles. Work up and down each tile until you've removed the grout as much as possible, and chip away the rest later.
Work The Saw Carefully
Use your saw in multiple directions, starting with a straight-on approach to get most of the grout out. Then, create a slight angle to work out the material along the edges.
Have a vacuum nearby to pick up the debris and keep your view of the space clear, and work a utility knife up and down the edges to remove the excess grout that didn't come off.
Alternatively, Use A Screwdriver
You can also use a screwdriver and mallet to remove the grout. For this method, you'll need a screwdriver with a flat, larger head no wider than the space between the tiles.
Position the blade at the edge of the grout and tap with the mallet until the chips fall off. This method takes time, so use it for small projects or spaces your saw can’t reach.