cockroaches in a home
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Keep This Herb In The House To Ward Off Pesky Cockroaches
Use the aroma of rosemary throughout the infested areas of your home to combat the roaches that have already infiltrated your kitchen while simultaneously fending off new ones.
Cockroaches rely on their keen sense of smell to find food, and the potent scent of rosemary in any of its forms, whether plant, oil, or spice, will be toxic to the pests.
Add rosemary oil with at least 2.5% rosemary concentration to an oil diffuser and let it circulate within your kitchen. The pests will be repelled while you enjoy a herbal aroma.
Alternatively, keep a potted rosemary plant in your kitchen wherever the pests frequent and let the plant emit its fragrance to deter the stubborn roaches.
Finally, you can harvest sprigs from the rosemary plant and place them in small vases throughout the areas in your home that see the most amount of roach activity.