An electric weed whacker for trimming grass and weeds
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Keep Weed Whacker Clippings Off Of Sidewalks With TikTok's Easy Tip
When you’re getting rid of weeds and overgrowth with your weed whacker, simply cut right to left to send your clippings toward your yard rather than onto a sidewalk or walkway.
TikToker @meyers.makes explained that it works because most weed whacker blades rotate counterclockwise, so the clippings will land on your lawn, and you’ll have less to clean up.
Clippings are less noticeable on grass, and according to Alec Kowalewski, associate professor at Oregon State University's Department of Horticulture, they’ll even feed your grass.
However, while some clippings are good for your grass, avoid leaving large amounts on your lawn, especially during periods of heavy rain since they could smother your grass.
TikTok commenters pointed out that this method will throw debris at your legs, potentially causing an injury, so be aware of any debris and wear protective eyewear and long pants.