Garden beds with fabric barrier
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Keep Weeds From Overrunning Your Yard With These DIY Barriers
Cacao Shells
Layer dried cacao hulls over your soil to reduce weeds, and it will impart a wonderful aroma, add a rich deep brown color, and feed the soil as it decomposes.
Pine Needles
Collect dried pine needles and layer them around your garden beds to prevent weeds from sprouting. Leave enough space for your plants to grow and the soil to aerate.
Coffee Grounds
To repel weeds and add nitrogen to your soil, apply a thin layer of dried coffee grounds topped off with wood chips. It also will attract plant-loving earthworms.
Wood Chips
Wood chip mulch is heavy enough to suppress weed growth. It also protects topsoil from immediately evaporating and delivers nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.
Tree Bark
Tree bark is an organic mulch that works similarly to wood chips in suppressing weed growth. You can buy bark from specific trees to add a particular color to your garden.