Aloe vera plant in pot
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Keep Your Aloe Vera Plant Happy And Healthy With This Secret Ingredient
Aloe vera plants require minimal attention, but occasionally, using a diluted Epsom salt fertilizer can enhance their growth and provide a nutrient-packed boost to this plant.
Epsom salt is rich in magnesium, which is crucial in chlorophyll production by aiding in photosynthesis, and sulfur, which promotes enzyme activation and nutrient absorption.
Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt in one gallon of water, dissolving it completely before using this mixture to water your aloe vera during its regular schedule.
Use this mixture monthly during the growing season, which is from spring to early fall. Signs that your plant may need fertilization include slow growth and thin, curled leaves.
Exercise caution when using Epsom salt by only using it during the start of the growing season. Over-fertilizing can cause yellowing leaves, leaf burn, or stunted growth.
Excessive use of Epsom salt, especially as a foliar spray, can cause leaf scorch due to its high magnesium content. Too much magnesium can lead to excess salt on the leaf surface.