Hand holding a sudsy bar of soap
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Keep Your Bathroom Sink Clean With This Magnetic Soap Hack
In a TikTok post, Australian-based company Moss and Pear showcased a magnetic soap holder hack that will help keep your bathroom sink free of gross residue.
The post shows someone sticking an adhesive-backed holder to a wall above a bathroom sink, pressing a bottle cap into a soap bar, and attaching the bar to the magnet on the holder.
TikTok users chimed in on this clever hack — one wrote, “Old trick; my grandparents used to have this device in their bathroom,” while another commented, “I love this idea.”
Moss and Pear's design is pretty sleek, but you can also buy a magnetic soap holder in nearly any material or style that you desire, including wood, bamboo, and stainless steel.
You can also construct your own DIY soap holder using a metal saw, a 3-millimeter drill bit, a center punch, files, strong adhesive, sandpaper, a hammer, and a small nail.
Position the bar of soap on the sink at the exact distance you want to hang it from the wall. Measure from the wall to the middle of the bar and add 1 centimeter for wiggle room.
Use a brass sheet to track the length and create a blueprint. Lay out where the pieces will go, cut the sheet, screw the holes, fit the magnet, and then sand for a sleek finish.