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Keep Your Bed Linens Bright White With This Clever Bleach Alternative
Keeping your white bed linens spot-free doesn't have to be hard, and you don't even have to use bleach. All you need is Dawn dish soap to pre-treat those marks.
Get your sheets and pillowcases and look for any telltale yellow stains. Grab a bottle of blue Dawn dish soap and apply a few drops to the stains.
Use your finger to spread the soap around the blotch and give it a few minutes to settle in. Then, add some water and begin scrubbing the spot, which should pretreat the stain.
Pop your white bed linens into the washing machine, and the pretreated stains should disappear by the time you take your linens out of the washer.
Dawn dish soap works
on stains because it is specially formulated to break down grease and oil. It cuts through what regular detergent can't, giving it a boost of power.
Dawn’s bright blue color also counteracts discoloration in the linen by embedding itself in the fabric, giving it a light blue tint that makes us register it as a whiter product.