Old stone bird bath in quaint garden
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Keep Your Bird Bath Spotless With These Easy Cleaning Tricks
Choose A Good Spot
When selecting a spot for your birdfeeder, assess the area and avoid placing it underneath trees, shrubs, or bird feeders to limit debris buildup in the water.
Use Fresh Water
Stagnant water promotes bacteria, fungi, and mosquitoes. Empty your basin regularly and refill it with fresh water rather than just topping off the water levels.
Avoid Direct Sunlight
Sunlight causes water to evaporate faster, requiring the basin to be refilled more often. It also creates a warm environment that breeds bacteria and fungi.
Add Movement
Include features like fountains or waterfalls to add movement to your bath. This will attract more birds and prevent the water from becoming stagnant.
Use Vinegar
When the time comes to clean your bath, no tool is more effective than vinegar. Wear rubber gloves, empty the basin, and scrub it using a vinegar and water mix.