Hand grabbing white and light blue striped fleece blanket from drawer
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Keep Your Blankets Organized With TikTok's Easy DIY Storage Idea
Instead of draping blankets along the side of your sofa, use this TikTok-approved DIY storage hack, which involves hanging blankets on a mounted coat rack.
Count how many blankets you have so you'll know what size rack you'll need to best keep your living space tidy and uncluttered. Hang your blankets on an easily accessible wall.
Amazon has plenty of mounted coat rack options, so choose whatever fits your style best. Scandinavian-inspired wooden racks are $14, while more traditional-looking ones are $25.
Install your mounted coat rack according to the instructions. Most need to be screwed into a wall, but if your blankets are light, you can use non-damage double-sided tape.
However you plan on approaching installation, remember to place the rack high enough to ensure none of your blankets end up dragging on the ground.