Spice jars arranged on a shelf
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Keep Your Cabinets Clutter-Free With TikTok's Genius Spice Storage Hack
To keep your kitchen cabinets clutter-free, a TikTok video presents a brilliant spice storage hack: the installation of a fold-down rack at the bottom of the
top cabinets.
This ingenious solution not only saves space but also keeps your spices well organized and easily reachable while cooking. You can buy these racks on Amazon and Etsy.
Alternatively, you can make this rack from scratch. Start by measuring the space beneath your kitchen cabinet to determine the size of the wood base
and sides needed.
You can get plain wood from any home improvement store and paint or stain it to match your cabinets. You'll also need sturdy, flexible under-cabinet hinges and a window latch lock.
Once your under-cabinet rack is installed, you can efficiently organize your spices. Consider transferring your spices into small glass jars for a tidier, more organized look.