A person using a caulk gun in the windows
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Keep Your Caulk Tube From Drying Out With A Few Home Essentials
Since you don't often use an entire caulk tube in one project, it may dry like an opened glue bottle if stored incorrectly. To avoid this, use some plastic and a rubber band.
For plastic, you can use anything from plastic wrap to a plastic bag, and for rubber bands, you can either use a traditional one or grab a hair tie.
Per TikTok's @dannyhdnyc, wrap the tip of your caulk tube with a piece of plastic and secure it with a rubber band. Then, roll it up toward the tip, leaving about half an inch.
It ensures you squeeze out any remaining air in the plastic. Next, squeeze a small dollop of caulking into the plastic, creating an air-tight seal that stops the caulk from drying.