A baby’s hand touching an electrical outlet
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Keep Your Children Safe From Electrical Outlets With Band-Aids
A TikTok hack by user @dailyoriginalvids may be just the ticket to quickly baby-proof your home's electrical outlets using Band-Aids.
Take a Band-Aid and apply it firmly over your electrical outlet openings. This will help stop your child from prodding things in the outlet, lowering the risk of potential harm.
Keep in mind that the Band-Aid can still be tugged at. For additional security, add an adhesive for some extra holding power if the Band-Aid isn’t strong enough.
This hack should only be used as a temporary solution. A product that has been specially crafted to baby-proof your electrical outlets will be a safer alternative.
Be sure to use a neutral-colored Band-Aid, as it will blend in and be less intriguing to a child than a colorful children’s Band-Aid that may feature cartoons.