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Keep Your Computer Screen Streak-Free With This Unexpected Beverage
Instead of throwing out your morning tea bag, you can use it as a chemical-free cleaner to remove streaks from your computer screen.
This tip comes from TikTok user @lenswegart, who takes a tea bag, dips it in water, and runs it across their computer screen to reveal a sparkling, streak-free screen.
Apply little pressure to avoid damaging the screen, and use a small amount of water to prevent excess liquid from dripping into crevices. Once clean, dry it with a coffee filter.
Unlike napkins and paper towels, coffee filters contain cellulose fibers and therefore won’t scratch your screen. You can use a microfiber cloth if no coffee filters are handy.
Tea bags, on the other hand, contain tannic acid, which works to leave screens sparkling. Combined with a coffee filter, you can avoid using any toxic chemicals.