Messy drawer with small items
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Keep Your Drawers Organized
With This Upcycled Drink Holder Hack
A budget-friendly way to organize your drawers is by upcycling your used cardboard drink holders to neatly store small items, like USB sticks, hair accessories, and rubber bands.
Put a few of these DIY organizers in your drawers and use the cupholders to separate items, or make a tiered one to stand on a desk or counter as YouTuber jesscateyeSQUAD did.
In addition to the drink holder, you’ll need a glue gun, contact paper, and some decorations. First, cover the cardboard organizer with contact paper using hot glue or E6000 glue.
You can then decorate it further with lace and faux flowers like jesscateyeSQUAD, or cover it with craft fabric instead of contact paper and add craft pom-poms from Dollar Tree.