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Keep Your Fridge Cleaner For Longer With A Handy Kitchen Staple
To make cleaning your fridge a little easier, use wax paper to line the shelves and drawers, which acts as a barrier between your groceries and the appliance.
This way, if something spills or begins to look grimy, you can simply remove the wax paper, toss it into the trash, and replace it with a new sheet.
Start by wiping down the shelves of any crumbs or spills. Then, grab your wax paper, measure out the exact length of your shelf or drawer, and cut out a sheet.
Depending on how deep your shelves are, you might need to layer two or three sheets of wax paper. You can then put your fridge contents back in.
If you want to ensure your wax paper doesn't move around as you move your groceries, you can secure it with double-sided tape or museum gel.
This hack works great due to the nature of the paper, whose tacky surface helps attract dirt and grime. It acts like a magnet and keeps all dirty contents on the paper.