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Keep Your Front Porch Private With Dave & Jenny Marrs’ Expert Tips
In the episode “An Old Rancher Gets a Chef-Inspired Face-Lift” of “Fixer to Fabulous,” hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs needed to find a way to conceal a front porch that had no privacy.
The couple’s solution was to create a little seating area behind a slatted wood fence with cushioned chairs and potted plants.
The Marrses chose a slatted fence for its mid-century look and practicality. “They can enjoy this space, and it could feel like a little enclosed courtyard,” Jenny explained.
This fenced area is excellent if you have children as well. They can join you in the front yard, but you don't have to worry about them running into the street.
The Marrses picked a slatted wall for their clients, but you can use any material for your fence. Another option to keep your front porch private is a solid wooden fence.
Depending on your home's aesthetic, a brick fence may be a better fit, or you can even use shrubbery. In any case, the goal is to make your space private and peaceful.