A garden with hostas and other plants
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Keep Your Garden Full & Lush On A Budget With These Plants
To keep your garden lush and vibrant on a budget, opt for low-maintenance, bushy perennials that are easy to propagate, such as hostas, coral bells, black-eyed Susans, and irises.
These plants not only efficiently fill up space, reducing the number of plants you need to buy, but they also return each year, expanding and covering more ground as they mature.
Hostas thrive in full shade to partial sun and can handle frost and poor soil with occasional watering. Their broad leaves provide extensive ground cover with minimal upkeep.
Coral bells are ideal for shaded areas and require only weekly watering. They adapt well to nearly any soil type, and their bell-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds to the yard.
Black-eyed Susans and irises are perfect for adding a floral spread. Susans tolerate drought, thrive in full sun, adapt to any soil type, and naturally spread
across your garden.
Irises grow tall, adding visual interest to the yard with their bushy leaves and stunning blooms. They excel at filling spaces and thrive in sunny areas with moist soil.