Chilli flakes are poured into a wooden dish. Chilli flakes and dried chili peppers on a brown background.
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Keep Your Garden Healthy With A Sprinkle Of Red Pepper Flakes
Red pepper flakes, especially hot varieties like cayenne, carry the compound capsaicin, which gives red pepper its fiery kick and forms the basis of its usefulness in the garden.
The heat produced from red pepper deters small animals like squirrels and rabbits and damage-causing insects, including cabbage looper larvae, and spider mites.
These insects are repelled when they attempt to consume plant foliage treated with red pepper, creating an unpleasant flavor
or sensation discouraging further feeding.
The capsaicin
also creates an environment inhospitable to various fungi and can be particularly beneficial for plants susceptible to diseases like powdery mildew.
To create a natural pest and fungi repellent, mix red pepper, garlic, onion, cayenne powder, and water, adding just a bit of dish soap as necessary.
Spray the mixture onto plants infested by pests or fungi and always reapply the spray after rain or watering occurs to ensure its spicy coating remains on the plant's surfaces.