Red high heel shoes on top of a stack of shoe boxes
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Keep Your Home Organized With These Old Shoe Box Transformations
Cord Organizer
You can control the chaos of your electronic device cords by turning a shoe box into a cord organizer and decorating it with ribbon, markers, or other embellishments.
Ribbon Organizer
Convert a shoe box to act as a spool for several rolls of ribbon, which will make them easier to dispense and keep them from getting all mixed up and messy.
Store Your Jewelry
Turn a shoe box into a jewelry box to keep your favorite items clean and safe. Add some drawers, shelves, and hooks for hanging necklaces.
Turn Lids Into Art
Instead of letting your shoe boxes take up space in your closets and collect dust, turn the lids into a unique piece of artwork to hang on your wall.
Decorative Storage
Make a shoe box aesthetically pleasing by turning it into a decorative storage box. Cover it with wrapping paper, rope, or another material that will look great.