Yellow and red pool noodles (water logs) on pool in evening sunshine.
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Keep Your Home Warm With This Affordable Pool Noodle Draft Stopper DIY
According to the United States Department of Energy, improperly sealed doors can cause heat loss during winter. Fortunately, these DIY door draft stoppers can provide a quick fix.
For this hack, you’ll need pool noodles, a pillowcase, and safety pins. First, measure the width of the door, add about an inch, and cut a pool noodle accordingly.
Next, cut another pool noodle to the exact width of the door. The long piece should sit on the outside of the door, while the short piece will sit on the inside.
Place your pool noodles in the pillow case, then begin rolling the first toward the center to tuck away any extra fabric. Pin it in place with the safety pins.
Lastly, slide the unfilled part of the pillowcase under the door and repeat the process with the other pool noodle piece to tighten everything down.